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Global Thret


02/07/2010Global Thret

muz.jar is a porn software using the porn picture and music to deceive users to send SMS. (2) Running the software, pornographic pictures will appear. After a few seconds, some tips that ""Whether or not to send text messages numbers 4124,3649,4125,1171,1161"" will appear. If users reject all,the software will be automatically close. There is no automatic using network and sending SMS behavior during the period of using software. But users can not exit the software through the normal method except by using the process manager.


28/06/2010Global Thret

MYMobileSecurity recently intercepts new virus BIT.NmapPlug, After installation, this virus will connect to the remote server in 2 minutes. then,the virus will submit the phone's imei,imsi,sms center number and the installation list. After the above procedure ,the virus sends three sms,and delete the traces in the message folder,logs and so on. result in user will be in stake of loss of users' Phone Bill and privacy disclosure.


25/06/2010Global Thret

Running in the background and supplying some ports to access or controll the cellphones


09/06/2010Global Thret

This software is fraudulent. It can mislead user to conduct some false operation,so that some software may not work properly


31/05/2010Global Thret

Very difficult to unistall and preventing users using their cellphones